Become a consultant and live the life you deserve!

Have you ever dreamed about being the master of your own destiny, setting your own income goals, and working whenever it tickles your fancy?

Well, guess what? Zhoozh is here to make your dreams come true, and we do it with a wink and a dash of pizzazz! Start off with a side hussle and very quicky you could shimmy this into a full-time passion and career.

As an Zhoozh Consultant, you become part of our ever-growing community that’s all about helping people live their absolute best sensual lives. You’ll not only be creating your own path, boosting your self-confidence, you’ll be a relationship-saver and a trusted confidant, and an agent of self-confidence and inspiration. Help others unleash their inner wild side and redefining the norms. Zhoozh is here to break down the barriers and taboos!

While it’s true that 99% of our Zhoozh family is fabulous women, we’ve got our arms wide open to welcome the gents too. After all, we’ve had a flurry of requests for events catering to men and couples. We don’t just throw opportunities at you; we sprinkle some empowerment dust too! We’ll show you the ropes.

Throughout your exciting journey, we’re with you every step of the way. We offer training events, marketing wizardry, and a support system that’s tighter than your favourite pair of skinny jeans. We’ll guide you on creating a safe space where people can ask all those curious relationship questions explore new avenues and embrace their passions.

Oh, and we’re all about quality, too! Our products are as ethical as your grandma’s apple pie recipe, environmentally friendly, and body-safe. 

We’re talking paraben-free, vegan, or organic – The Whole Shebang!

Zhoozh isn’t just about changing lives; it’s about upgrading them! We offer education and income opportunities that are as rewarding as nailing that perfect recipe. Your efforts translate into financial rewards, and you can kiss those rigid 9-to-5 hours goodbye. Welcome to a career where you work on your own terms, so you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones or finally start that painting or pole-fitness class you’ve been eyeing.

But that’s not all! We’re all about enhancing intimate relationships. We’re in the business of turning up the heat and sprinkling a little extra spice in your love life.

The possibilities are limitless, my friend. If you’re ready, to hop on this Zhoozh magic carpet. Buckle up, because it’s going to be one wild and fabulous ride!

Simply fill out the form below or shoot us an email at

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Your options when you join Zhoozh

Become an Affiliate

So, you’re head over heels for our products but not quite ready to be the life of the party.

No problem! If you’re up for sharing our decadent and luscious offerings with your colleagues, then our “Friends and Family” option is your golden ticket. You’ll rake in a generous 15% on all our Standard Products and 5% on our luxury line items. It’s all about spreading the love!

No investment required from you financially. Just your time, passion and knowledge of our products and a referral from you for people to shop on your business page.

Become a Consultant

If you’ve got your game face on, and you’re primed to make a lot more money while partying like a pro, then becoming an Zhoozh Consultant is your golden ticket to a dazzling future.

We’re on the lookout for self-motivated go-getters who practically breathe passion and want nothing less than the crème de la crème of life.

Are you ready to mix, mingle, and let the cash register sing? If “show up to go up” is your motto, welcome aboard the party train to prosperity!

  1. Download our guide to Live the Life you Deserve 
  2. Choose your kit, invest in your future and get paid to party! Download the Business in a Box Kit comparison here. 

The Whole Shebang

Your Investment: R 12 000

Kit Value:  R16 407 

You save: R4 407

The Bare Essentials

Your Investment: R 7 500

Kit Value:   R11 151

You save: R3 651

Just a Tease

Your Investment: R 3 850

Kit Value:   R  5 737

You save: R 1 887

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