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At Zhoozh we also bring the fun to your home! Our in-home parties and events are a blast, and we’re not shy about it, and nor should you be.

 Invite your friends to the best party in town.

We’re here to help you toss those taboos aside and inspire your inner sensuality. It’s not just about spicing up your love life – it’s about finding your inner confidence. 

So, let’s turn your home into a playground of intrigue and inspiration!


Girl’s Night In

Join us for a Girl’s Night In if you’re over 18 and brace yourself for an extraordinary time.  

Our parties aren’t restricted to the younger crowd; Sexy 60 is the new Naughty 40s. Women in their  sexual prime are less inhibited, over the taboos and wanting to experiment a little more.. In fact these are some of our best parties!  

And the cherry on top: “Pay today, Play tonight!” Snag your sensual essentials at the party and carry that exciting energy straight back home. It’s a party that keeps on giving. 

Bridal  Showers

An affair filled with elegance and charm! Whether it’s a whimsical garden picnic or a high tea, we’re your go-to for adding that touch of class and fun. Expect a presentation that’s both refined and entertaining, captivating your guests.

Let’s pamper the bride-to-be to the moon and back! Treat her to a hamper of goodies or chip in for her honeymoon treats—let her revel in the joy of choosing what tickles her fancy!

Need some private chitchat time? Slip into a cozy corner with our expert consultant to chat about your requirements. Get all the essentials to kickstart your own fabulous private bash tonight!”

Diverse group of ladies at bridal Shower

Bachelorette Party

Get ready for a wild and wicked celebration! Our bachelorette events are all about letting loose and having a blast! You set the tone. 

Whether you are up for an afternoon Extravaganza or an evening shindig expect an entertaining party that sets the tone. for an epic time. 

Oh and the fun doesn’t stop there. While the party is going strong the ladies can shop to their Heart’s content. 


Honour the Couple

More couples are wanting to combine the bachelorette and Bachelor party and celebrate together with all their friends.

We are one of the few party companies that will consider having a combined party of men and women. 

We will ensure you have the best time!

Couple’s Party

We are often asked if we cannot teach the partners what the ladies learned at our parties. Of course we can!

We recommend 3-5 couples who are comfortable in each other’s company and we will spill the beans on what is taught at our ladies gatherings in a fun and entertaining way. 

Special Events

Do you need a guest speaker of have a special function you need us to be party of? 

We are available! 

Our Woman’s Day event are the most popular so be sure to book your Zhoozh speaker well in advance.


Need a venue for your event? At Zhoozh we have a conference venue that can accommodate up to 40 people, although 18-25 guests, is the ideal size. We can personalise the event to suit your needs. When you book the Conference venue, you will have access to the pool area and the Zhoozh Shop. Choose from the catering options below to ensure your guests have a fabulous afternoon. You may arrange to bring your own decorations or we can decorate the venue with your theme at a nominal fee.

We proudly carry all the well know brands and there is something to suite everyone’s pocket. The edutainment will be presented by one of our consultants or Yolanda (by special arrangement) in an engaging, professional and fun way.

After the presentation, you will have access to the shop where you can “pay today and play tonight” or order something unique to match your personal taste. Need one-on-one time with a consultant to discuss your requirement? A private room will be made available to where you can discuss your requirements with a consultant before you make your purchase.

The Zhoozh Ultimate Pleasure Shop is situated at Meraki in Motion Wellness Center, where we collaborate with Doctors and therapists and can address your needs holistically.

You are welcome to come and view the venue before booking your event (by appointment).

Debit and Credit facilities are available, EFT and cash is also accepted.

Zhoozh Edutainment Only

Zhoozh Edutainment Including Finger Food.

An Zhoozh Consultant will be your host

An Zhoozh Consultant will be your host

Access to Zhoozh Shop and Pool

Access to Zhoozh Shop and Pool

Use of conference venue and with cutlery and crockery

Use of conference venue and with cutlery and crockery. Finger food will be included.

Bring own drink and own food,* a sense of humour and an open mind.

Bring your own drinks a sense of humour and an open mind.

For 15 or more people: R150 per person else a minimum of R2 500 discounted venue hire for the morning or afternoon.

For 15 or more people: R300 per person. Else R2 500 discounted venue hire and R150 per person for meals.

*Note only cutlery and crockery will be provided. No access to the kitchen to prepare or warm meals.

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