Start a life-changing journey with Zhoozh

Have you always dreamed of determining your own destiny and setting your own goals in terms of an income and the hours you work?

Zhoozh is here to support you! At Zhoozh we empower not only people wanting to work for themselves, we also support local businesses and start-ups. We empower and inspire people through our business opportunity, our  inclusive approach, sharing our knowledge, and embracing a passion for pleasure.

By becoming a Zhoozh Consultant, you will be part of a growing community dedicated to helping people to live their best lives. Not only will you be helping others, but you will be determining your own destiny, building your self-confidence and the self-confidence of others, by helping them drop their inhibition or re-educating people on taboos. 

99% of the people who join Zhoozh are women, however we are open to men signing up with us as well as we are getting more requests to host event for men or couples as well. We don’t just give people the opportunity, we empower them to go for it. We will show you how. Throughout your journey, we help along the way through training events and marketing resources, support from other consultants, affiliates and executives.  We’ll coach you on how to engage to ensure a safe space where people can ask questions about their relationships and embrace their passions.

We value quality and thus ensure all our products are environmentally friendly (ethically produced and sourced) and Body-safe (paraben free, vegan or organic where possible) . 

At Zhoozh, we change people’s lives in a positive way:

    – By providing education and income earning opportunities to our consultants. What you put in in terms of effort, you will see in financial rewards.

    – By providing you with a career where you work when you want to. Free up valuable time to invest in your children or doing the things you love.

    – By enriching our client’s intimate relationships with their partners and themselves.

The opportunities really are endless. If you think becoming a consultant, simply complete the form at the bottom or email info@zhoozhup.co.za.

It could change your life FOREVER.

This is just the start of a beautiful journey. On the way, you will become financially secure, more confident, and not only empower yourself but other people too.

**You must be 18 years of age to become a Zhoozh Consultant.


 Covid has changed all our lives with many of us rethinking how we live and work.

Now more than ever people are prioritising their sexual wellness and pleasure and want to connect online for advice and information. They may want to chat privately one-to-one or meet in the form of virtual parties where friends old and new can get together.

All our consultants are trained and we are here to answer your questions through webinars and support.

Step 1: Choose your Kit

There are 3 kits to choose from. See the Business in a Box Catalogue for a list of products contained in each kit.

 The Whole Shebang

Your Investment R12 300

Value of Kit R18 284

You save R5 984

The Bare Essentials

Your Investment R7 500

Value of Kit R11 151

You save R 3 651

 Just a tease

Your Investment R3 850

Value of Kit R5 737

You save R1 887

Step 2: Download and sign the Agreement and return it to Zhoozh

To become a Consultant, click on the link below to download the Consultant Agreement. Initial each page, sign the last page and email it to info@zhoozhup.co.za

Step 3: Order your kit and become your own boss!

We are in the process of adding kits to the website. Please contact 069 333 9000 or after hours on 074 7777 555  to place your order. Spin and Win Wheel discounts do not apply to Kits or consultant orders.

Need assistance choosing the kit that is right for you?


If you are still struggling to decide on what kit is right for you or have more questions about becoming a consultant, leave your details below and we will set up an appointment with you to discuss.

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