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Intimate Earth Gentle Clitoral Arousal Serum

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Female orgasms are delicious, pleasurable… and can be difficult to achieve.  It takes presence in the moment, mindful awareness of your body, safety, and security in your body, in your environment and with the person/s you are with.

INTIMATE EARTH GENTLE CLITORAL AROUSAL SERUM is an organic sexual health product that promotes lubrication and engorgement.  Once you know that you will be comfortable, wet and somewhat prepared, it allows you to be more present in your body.

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Intimate Earth™ understands that not all women are created the same. Some women are more sensitive. GENTLE™ Clitoral Gel has a lower concentration of natural Japanese peppermint oil than the INTENSE™ Clitoral Gel.

Intimate Earth have come up with a way of helping you to reach orgasm, whether alone or with a partner. Whether you need a little boost to get going or you want something extra during foreplay, this clitoral serum will excite and provide an invigorating tingle.

Their clitoral gel uses natural ingredients that will enhance the sensation in your clitoris and massively enhance the pleasure that you get from sexual stimulation.

Both can be used for clitoral foreplay, clitoral stimulation during intercourse, and clitoral stimulation with a toy. We suggest initially putting a pea-size amount of gel on a finger and massage directly onto the clitoris, more can be added if necessary. Intimate Earth™ products do NOT contain menthol.

If you have trouble climaxing, this orgasm enhancer will help you to get there the natural way.

Many women have difficulty reaching orgasm even if their sex lives are otherwise healthy and satisfying. This can create a lot of frustration for both you and your partner, putting a dampener on what should be a beautiful experience for both of you.

Research into the way that women’s bodies work has revealed that two thirds of women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm, but even this is not always a certainty.

Men have options like Viagra to help them enhance their sex lives, but similar options for women can be hard to find.

Intimate Earth Gentle Stimulating Gel contains Japanese peppermint oil; when applied to the clitoris it creates a gentle tingling sensation that will make any further stimulation feel absolutely fantastic.

It can be used by yourself, with a partner or with toys; knowing how to make yourself climax is hugely empowering feeling that all women should get to experience and Intimate Earth have it all figured out!

Gentle Stimulating Gel is paraben free, does not contain Menthol and is safe to use with latex condoms.

How To Use It

When it comes to this gel, less is better. The small dollop that came out with half a squeeze of the pump is just enough to get the tingling, arousing sensation going.

We would definitely not recommend using much more than that. Using one finger, glide and massaged the gel directly onto the clitoris and Immediately after applying, one would  start to feel a cool, tingling sensation.

For your partner, there is the added delight of a minty flavour. This sensation is perfect for heightening pleasure during clitoral stimulation.

If you typically have trouble reaching orgasm, the extra sensation that the stimulating gel provides will help to bring you over the edge.

This product is intended for external use on the clitoral area, and shouldn’t be mistaken for a lubricant.­

It’s water­based, giving it more options for play as it can be used with silicone toys.

Intense is a high ­quality gel, and when applied creates a  tingling sensation instantly. This sensation helps to increase sensitivity. If you’re going to use it, we would definitely recommend doing so with a vibrator that is aimed at clitoral arousal, such as a dual rabbit or clitoral massager.

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