Monogamy Board Game


Experience a Steamy Adventure with Monogamy!

Monogamy, the naughty board game for two, will elevate your relationship to new heights. With three progressively steamy levels and over 390 ideas and actions, each game promises a unique experience. Whether you’ve been together for years or just a few months, Monogamy enhances communication, uncovering your deepest desires and turning them into unforgettable erotic fantasies. So, set the mood, forget the outside world, and indulge in a night of passion like never before!

Game includes:

  •  Monogamy Board,
  •  400 Sexy Suggestion Cards,
  •  2 x Player Pieces,
  • 4 x Intimate Level Counters,
  • 4 x Passionate Level Counters,
  • 4 x Steamy Level Counters,
  • 1 x Dice

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Monogamy Couples Adult Board Game is designed to find out what turns your partner and even yourself on. This naughty sex game will revolutionize your sex life and elevate it to another level.

With three levels of play and over 390 ideas and actions you are guaranteed pleasure. Monogamy opens up communication between yourself and your partner forcing you to learn something new about each other and perhaps even discover a little something new about yourself.

When you land on the Monogamy square, you take a card for the level you are playing and there will be ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ questions or tasks on the card. The ‘Intimate level’ cards usually help you learn more about your partner and encourage intimacy like kissing or cuddling for a few minutes. The ‘Passionate’ level encourages questions and tasks that are more involved and naughtier. The ‘Steamy’ level gets much more erotic and there are time limits on some of the tasks to increase the tension.

The ‘Treats’ tasks can be carried out a week after you’ve played the game to help build tension and romance. These tasks include thing like surprising your partner with a meal in a restaurant, or to sending them a naughty text whilst at work.

The Monogamy cards include over 400 different tasks and questions – you will probably use an average of 4 cards at each level in one game so you will be able to play this game over and over! You can also change the game up and only draw from 1 set of cards if you are in a particular mood.

A few extra items such as blind folds, restraints, floggers or whips, massage oils, candles and body edibles such as Oil of Love and of course, a piece of sexy lingerie, will compliment this game fantastically.



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