Pjur Active My Skin – Protective Skin Gel for Women


Everyone knows the problems of sports or leisure time: sometimes the activity load is simply stronger than our skin. The result are open wounds, blisters and pain.

Put an end to friction and chafing – say goodbye to blister plasters

Outstanding skin compatibility and quality are at the heart of everything pjur does.

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Put an end to blisters and chafing
Put an end to pain – say goodbye to blister plasters!

mySKIN stops pain! Whether it’s caused by your shoes rubbing your feet, by your underwear or by different body parts rubbing together – mySKIN is there for you! Simply apply for immediate protection!

It also contains nurturing argan oil and natural vitamin E. It’s vegan, free from preservatives and does not leave behind marks.

  • Protect yourself! Protective skin gel that stops chafing
  • With nurturing argan oil and vitamin E
  • Invisible & does not stain

Easy to apply and offers protection that lasts for hours.
Find out for yourself!



Problems with blisters and chafing?

Probleme mit Reibung oder Blasen?

It’s a problem that every woman knows: From long nights partying through non-stop dancing at weddings to five-hour-long shopping trips in sandals. We never stop. But wouldn’t it be better if we could do all that without suffering from annoying blisters and chafing afterwards?

mySKIN provides relief!

mySKIN hilft dir!

Simply apply a thin layer to the areas you want to protect before you head out.

This immediately creates an invisible, ultra-long lasting protective film that allows your skin to keep breathing.

Move without pain!

Bewege dich ohne Schmerzen!

The protective film prevents any rubbing on your skinmySKIN eliminates any risk of chafing, whether it’s from clothing, shoes or your own skin – making open wounds and blister plasters a thing of the past.



Many people simply accept blisters and chafing as part of life and use blister plasters to treat these open and very painful wounds. Usually, the results aren’t ideal. Blister plasters are highly visible and not resistant to water or sweat. They peel off and can become another source of friction and skin damage.

Blister plasters are also expensive. mySKIN costs less than EUR 0.03 per application (4 x 4 cm). A blister plaster costs around 30 times more on average.

Now, you can say goodbye to blister plasters. mySKIN stops the problem before it starts – it also cares for your skin with argan oil and vitamin E.

blister plasters
wax sticks
Ja Protects against blisters
Ja Protects against rubbing
Ja Does not clog pores
Ja Resistant to sweat
Ja Applicable everywhere
Ja Waterproof
Ja Lasts for hours
Ja Invisible
Ja Does not stain
Ja Nurturing

mySKIN doesn’t just protect your skin. It also contains nurturing argan oil and natural vitamin E. It’s vegan, free from preservatives and doesn’t leave behind any marks.

Argan oil cares for your skin and can stop it from drying out. It helps your skin store more moisture again, giving it a fresher, firmer appearance. What’s more, argan oil can help improve your overall complexion if used on a regular basis.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals. It can repair damage at the skin’s barriers and improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It also promotes new cell growth.



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Pjur Active My Skin – Protective Skin Gel for Women

Availability: 1 in stock

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