Shunga Massage Oil 250ml


Shunga’s erotic massage oil for erotic, sensual and passionate massage oils natural and energizes, whilst acting as an aphrodisiac simultaneously.

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Formulated from 100% natural cold-pressed oils, this massage oil with its intoxicating fragrance glides easily and smoothly over the skin without leaving any greasy residue. With added vitamin E and contains no mineral or animal oil, this erotic glide is perfect for sensitive skin and does not clog your pores.

Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to bring the massage oil to warm body temperature. For an even warmer result, submerse the bottle into a glass of hot water for an increase in temperature. 250ml

Sweet Almond Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Sesame Oil
Avocado Oil
Pecan Oil
Safflower Oil
Vitamin E
Fragrance (Parfum)
Benzyl Alcohol




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Shunga Massage Oil 250ml
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