Steamy Shades Lace Eye Mask


Our Steamy Shades eyelash mask is beautifully detailed, and when it’s worn your partner will feel every touch more intensely. This is the perfect accessory for foreplay as you touch and tease your partner to ecstasy.

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When you deprive your partner of one sense, their remaining senses are instantly supercharged. Our Steamy Shades Eyelash Mask heightens pleasure and adds mystery. It invites you to tease your partner, surprising them with every touch as you explore control, submission and domination. This Steamy Shades Eyelash Lace Eyemask is made from soft satin-lined material that feels sensual on your skin. The sheer black lace overlay adds plenty of style to this piece, and it’s easily matched to your favourite bondage look for perfect coordination. The elastic strap keeps this blindfold in place while you play, making it ideal for beginners and bondage pros alike. (Ps – you can use this mask to catch up on your beauty sleep, too!)


  • Satin Lined
  • Elegant Sheer Black Lace Overlay
  • Elastic Band to Keep Blindfold in Place
  • Perfect for Sensory Play
  • BDSM Must Have


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Steamy Shades Lace Eye Mask
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