Tenga Flex Silky White


Lose yourself in spiraling sensations! Find release with the Tenga Flex (known in some parts of the world as the Tenga Moova).

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Tenga Flex is a reusable masturbation sleeve featuring a soft outer casing. The case, using malleable materials molded into a spiral form, provides a just-right fit for all shapes and sizes and a strong vacuum sensation. Additionally, moving the Flex up and down, the spiral loosens and tightens, revealing new sensations.


  • A special combination of soft materials forms the outer casing, for a sleek feel.
  • The soft case of the Flex allows the user to squeeze and twist at will, for a variety of sensations. The flexible casing allows the entire product to tighten and loosen with ease. The product opens upon insertion and tightens on exit, revealing a variety of stimulating pressures.
  • Easy Washing
  • The removable elastomer sleeve is easily washed with water for multiple uses.
  • The cap can be inverted to serve as a drying stand, allowing for easy and hygienic drying of the elastomer sleeve.
  • Two Sensations – Two Models

Silky White – Gentle spiraling ribs embrace with delightful suction (smoother inner details, softer elastomer sleeve).

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Tenga Flex Silky White
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