Zhoozh Covid-19 Protocols

Zhoozh’s Covid-19 protocols align with the WHO, NICD, and DoH guidelines and advice, and will be revisited as required. They cover customer information, PPE, physical distancing, sanitisation and hygiene practices, among others, for Consultants and our Clients. Our businesses and events must considered safe.

During the Pandemic people with a higher risk or of the age 60 and above, and / or with co-morbidities should be excluded from our gatherings as far as possible to lower risk. Anyone attending our events or an event of our clients, do so at their own risk.

The Consultants will be required to record all guests’ details in order to trace contacts who attended specific events in the case of someone testing positive for Covid-19.

All Consultants as well as the hostesses should brief their guests on Covid-19 Protocols prior to the event.

The following protocols must be followed

  • A register must be completed of everyone attending the event.
  • Nobody with fever, coughing or sniffing symptoms should be allowed to attend.
  • Everyone must wear masks covering their mouth and nose at all times.
  • Hands must be sanitised at the door upon arrival. (70% alcohol hand sanitisers to be used)
  • All surfaces must be sanitised that will be used during the event.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to.
  • Outdoor events are preferred, but if this is not possible all windows must be opened for proper ventilation. No air conditioning systems or fans are to be used at events.
  • Sanitising wipes and spray must be provided when handling stationary.
  • All products must be sanitised if they have been handled by anyone. It is highly recommended that no products are passed around. The consultant may pour products onto guests for demonstration purposes., while maintaining suitable distancing.
  • No products are to touch any body parts – not even through clothing.
  • We advise no cash transactions be allowed as cash cannot be sanitised. Should you use cash, clean the cash with sanitiser. Snapscan or EFT payments should be made instead. EFT is preferred as no cards are then handled by the consultant and client and risk of transmission is reduced. Sanitise Credit and debit cards before and after handling.
  • Powder room facilities are to be sanitised between uses by the hostess, or the last person vacating the room.
  • Buffet style food should be avoided during covid. Each person should use their clean knife, fork or spoon to dish up, and no shared cutlery should be used on the buffet.

“To emerge from this COVID-19 crisis will require an extraordinary effort.” — President Cyril Ramaphosa

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